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Current release 1.0 Download  Register(Linux)
Tetris Station This is a pack of 18 different tetris-like games, with different blocks, grids, strategies and logic. This is a real tetris jukebox! Some of the games are the all-time classics, some are completely new and untasted. Get a whole score of games, a dollar apiece! Upgrades are free, as well as online support.
In all games your goal is to keep the board from filling up as long as possible and get the highest score. There are six types of the game, all of them are available on three different grids - rectangular, hexagonal and triangular grids. Every grid brings some special tricks and different strategies of playing, so the same game on different grids appears to be a set of three completely different games.
You can play free for two week's time. A remainder will be shown every now and then.
This game will not run on Windows, only on Linux.
This and other games for Windows are here.
What's in the registered game:
  • three skill levels with increasing difficulty, something for everyone
  • tune various options to your taste
  • save your best results, and take part in the top players contest on the Web
  • runs on major Linus flavors (RedHat, Debian, Mandrake, SuSE, Slackware and others)
  • free technical support by e-mail
  • upgrade to new versions is free for registered users

Download Game

(a tar.gz file, 1739 kb, about 5 min using a 56k modem).
http ftp

Register for Linux(US$18)

If you wish to play this game after a two-week free trial period, please register it. This could be done securely via - an industry leader in providing secure 24x7 E-Commerce Payment Processing Services. All major credit cards are accepted, as well as checks, and other payment methods. Please use only unaccented letters when typing your name. We will send your registration info to your e-mail address, so please be careful filling it into the form. Thank you!

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